When you see a recycling bin, you might notice it will say not to throw certain things away in there. But that stinks, since you want to recycle. How do you know when to recycle or throw away? 


The truth is, it’s pretty easy to remember once you know. 

To Recycle or Throw Away…


Recycling is when you place something into a designated bin that is going to recycling plant, where it’ll be organized and evaluated. If the product is still in good condition, it will end up in an area designated for stuff that can be cleaned up and reused. Often, waste management will go through the process themselves, but it’s no guarantee. 

If it’s just not reusable, it’ll likely be broken down or melted. 

Here are some of the things that belong in a recycling bin:

- Basically any glass can be recycled. In fact, it’s best to keep glass out of curbside bins, since it can break and be a hazard to sanitation workers. 

- Aluminum, tin, and steel, such as cans of food or soda. This could also mean foil wrap and baking pans—but make sure it’s clean from food residue. 

- Plastic containers that are labeled 1 through 7 are accepted. 

- Milk and juice cartons are prefects for recycling once they are cleaned out. 



There’s nothing wrong with throwing things away. Especially when you use a reliable waste management team and New Jersey dumpster rental service. In fact, what’s worse than throwing things away is just casually tossing trash into recycling bins without having proper education on where they go. That could be rather bad for the environment. 

The following trash items are a bit harder to recycle than the other ones, so feel free to just toss these into the dumpster. 

- Anything made from styrofoam is very difficult to recycle. For this reason, not many facilities will accept them, due to the cost of processing. Toss them!

- When your baby dirties a diaper, you will be doing the recycling facility a disservice by trying recycle that mess. Throw this one away. 

- Things like empty food wrappers and containers cannot be recycled. 

We hope that helped you decide whether to recycle or throw away your trash item. 

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