When you throw something away, you may not think that someone will probably end up seeing it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Perhaps, but sometimes we find things in the garbage that make us raise our eyebrows. After all, these are things we no longer want. Here are some of the strangest dumpster items that have ever been found in dumpsters.

Strangest Dumpster Items

Living things

Starting this list off right, one of the strangest dumpster items ever found was a bag. The bag in question was discovered to be moving and whimpering in several soft, high-pitched cries. Within the bag was a litter of about five beagle puppies. Why anyone would throw away perfect little beagle puppies, we will never know.

Body parts

This is a bit morbid, but there have been numerous stories of garbage men finding certain bio-waste products inside garbage cans and dumpsters. Where they came from is usually a mystery, and we’d like to keep it that way.

Ashes of a loved one

We’re sure when this person's loved one died, their wish wasn’t to be thrown away but rather scattered in some beautiful canyon or ocean. However, this person’s remains were found in a dumpster with his information still on the side of the container. Sounds like a pretty horrible mistake, right? When contacted, the family informed the workers that they had thrown away the remains on purpose.

A fortune

Could you imagine finding a million dollars in the garbage? Who would throw something like that away? Well, as it turns out, it was a winning lottery ticket that was mistakenly thrown out. This happened to a Rhode Island man back in 2005. He walked away with the money, but if you think you could duplicate this feat, think again. The odds of this happening are slim to none.

A Place to Store Your Trash

There sure have been some strange dumpster items found, from the funny to the gross. Whatever you’re deciding to toss, make sure you throw it away in a trustworthy dumpster rental. Check out our dumpster rental Passaic county NJ service.