Before you throw away that empty jam jar, consider this: you can recycle it. We’re not talking about thrown away, picked up, melted down, and only a certain percentage of it turning into something. No, we’re talking about in-home, completely reusing and repurposing it. Reusing household items is easy and almost anything can have a second life. Let’s look into it.

Tips for Reusing Household Items

Glass jars

This might be the easiest thing to recycle, so don’t get your New Jersey dumpster rental just yet. Instead, when you buy a jar of peanut butter, jelly, flour, or whatever, consider it a long-term relationship.

Once the jar is empty, wash it out and sterilize it. Then, you can use it for just about anything. People have filled them with other types of food and even used them as decorative pieces.

Paper and plastic bags

Most grocery stores offer paper and plastic bags. Paper, obviously, is better for the environment, but if they have only plastic bags, don’t worry. You can reuse grocery store bags for all kinds of things.

After you go shopping, save your bags. You can store them easily and save a lot of them without them taking up too much space. Then, when the time comes to go trick-or-treating, moving to a different house, or just storing other items, you’ll be prepared with a bunch of plastic bags!


Newspapers can easily accumulate and flood your living room. It makes you want to pull your hair out! Luckily, reusing household items is easy with newspapers. They’re easy to store and very versatile to use. First of all, you can always get creative and make something out of them. Let’s say you have old plastic bottles and a bunch of newspaper. You can cut the bottle in half, paper mache newspaper on it, and you have yourself a makeshift flower pot.


If your furniture gets damaged, don’t throw it away. Couches, tables, beds, and more can all be rather easily repaired for cheap. Not to mention, buying new furniture isn’t a very cost-effective solution.

If you don’t want the piece of furniture anymore, remember you can always cut it down and make something else out of it. Let’s say you have a table you no longer want—you could actually have a pretty fun time breaking it down and making something new out of it.


Remember that there is always a better option when it comes to recycling and repurposing. Make it a fun project for the whole family.

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