One of the silent monsters in most communities is residential waste. In 2016, Salon reported that the average American sends almost 4.5 pounds of trash to the dumpster each day. At almost twice the global average of 2.6 pounds, that adds up to more than 700,000 tons of garbage produced every day in the US. That’s enough to fill 60,000 garbage trucks!

Everyday Americans Reducing Residential Waste

The good news is, according to the EPA, many Americans recycle and compost around one and a half pounds garbage daily. In fact, America hit a recycling milestone in 2015 when our recycling rate jumped to an all-time high of 34.3%. When it comes to reducing your residential waste, DIY projects are a fun, crafty way to Go Green.

Going Green around Your Home with Wine-ing Projects

Empty wine bottles are one of the most dynamic tools in a DIY-er’s arsenal for more reasons than one. Not only is glass made from readily-available domestic materials like sand and ash, but it also has a lower impact on the environment. Many wine bottles are already made from recycled materials!

Turn your wine bottle into water tumbler

Turn last night's party into tomorrow’s tumbler with this quick and easy tumbler tutorial.




- Wine bottles with parallel sides

- Bottle cutter (We found this one from Amazon)

- A handful of rags or towels

- Large pot and potholder

- Candle

- A few sheets of sandpaper ranging from medium grit (~15 0) to fine grit (~300-400)

- One sheet of craft-foam

- Safety mask or goggles (optional if using sandpaper)




  1. First, remove the labels by gently boiling the bottles in a large pot. Keep the bottles submerged in the boiling water for around 60 seconds. Remove from water without emptying the bottle by using rags or the pot holder to hold the neck. You should be able to easily peel of the label.


  1. Now, you’re ready to cut your bottle. It may be helpful to know that bottle cutters don’t actually cut—instead, they give bottles a nice straight score line. When making your score lines, firm and consistent pressure is best. Keep in mind that an even score is better than a deep one; smearing a bit of oil or grease along the area you’re cutting will also help.


  1. After you’ve scored your bottles, prepare a pot with ice-cold water. Next, use the candle to heat your scoreline; make sure you aren’t actually touching the glass to the flame as  you spin the bottle to heat the entire line.


  1. Once the scoreline is nice and hot, immediately dunk the bottle into the ice-cold water. Almost instantly, you’ll hear a faint crack or pop, signaling the creation of your tumbler.


  1. Next, gently lift the bottle out of the water and make sure it’s cracked all the way around. Gently wiggle the two halves apart. Congratulations—you just made a wine tumbler!


  1. On a flat surface, lay your sandpaper on top of the craft foam as this will protect your worksurface during the next step. If you have them handy, put on goggles to protect your eyes as you sand the top of the glass to make it smooth.


  1. When sanding, it’s best to start with the coarser grit first—in this case, the medium grit— and to sand in circular or linear motions. Once you’re satisfied with the edge, switch to fine or extra-fine grit paper and buff the edge with gentle, consistent pressure.


  1. As you work, make sure you’re periodically wiping the edge of your tumbler with a damp rag. Once the sanding is finished, make sure to take the fine or extra paper and sand the inside and outside edges of your scoreline to create a subtle bevel for your sipping comfort.

Get your tiki torch on

Keep the spirit of summer alive in your backyard for months and years to come with these crafty tiki torches.




- Wine bottle(s)

- Crafting pebbles

- Tiki fuel (use citronella in the summertime to keep mosquitoes at bay)

- Tiki refill wicks

- A brass pipe coupling to hold your wick (3/8” X 1/4” in FIP)




  1. Fill the bottom ⅓ of your wine bottle with the crafting pebbles you found at your local craft store. Keep in mind that craft stones are irregularly shaped and you may not be able to fit every stone into the wine bottle’s small neck.

  2. Slide the tiki refill wick through the coupling—make sure that your coupling will fit snugly around your wick! Set aside.

  3. Fill the bottle with tiki fuel.

  4. Insert the wick with the coupling into the filled bottle. The coupling should be resting atop the wine bottle opening.

  5. Enjoy your new wine bottle tiki torches with a nice barbecue or pool party!

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