Before you consider our dumpster rental Morris County NJ services, have you thought about minimizing waste and waste management? At Montalla, Inc., we’re all about Morris County waste reduction above anything else. Here are some ways you can reduce your waste output.

Reduce Your Waste Output with Montella, Inc.


The number one recommended way of reducing waste is to take what garbage you have and recycle it. Recycling is when garbage is taken, cleaned, and re-purposed into something else for the sake of reducing waste. Simply sort through all your waste and sort it. Determine what is paper, plastic, aluminum, etc. You may want to do a little research on what recycling options are around you.

Use paper bags

Next time you go shopping, ask for a paper bag instead of a plastic bag. They are much better for the environment and produce less waste. Even better, use a reusable bag instead of using the supermarket’s bags.

Reuse containers and bags

If you do use the store’s bags, don’t worry—you can always reuse them in some ways. For example, if you have little trash cans in your home, you can use the store’s bags as little trash bags.

Once you substitute the plastic bags for the paper ones, you can use those for simple things like packing lunches, or just holding things in your home. Whatever reason you find to reuse bags, you’ll be reducing the amount of bags you collect, which will have a huge impact on the world!

Cancel excess mail

A large percentage of the mail we receive is not the mail we want. It’s usually junk! With that said, throwing all those away greatly adds to the amount of waste that goes into the world. Instead, find a way to unsubscribe from those mail sources. Yes, you can do that.

Most junk mail has a phone number you can call or an email address. If you contact them and tell them you no longer want their mail, they’ll have to stop sending them to you.

Stop buying plastic water bottles

There is absolutely no reason for plastic water bottles. The best way to reduce your waste output or even the need for a dumpster rental in Morris County, NJ is to invest in your permanent water bottle you can fill up on your own. They have steel water bottles or even plastic ones that you don’t throw away.

Dumpster Rental in Morris County, NJ

Montella, Inc. is all about Morris county waste reduction, so please consider minimizing your waste output. For more information on dumpster rental and trash reduction, check out our dumpster rental Morris county NJ service.