There are specific jobs that undoubtedly warrant a dumpster rental service. Let’s say you are remodeling a house: the moment you’re done, you have a mess to clean up. Debris to huge pieces of wood, a house remodeling clean-up job may be tricky if you don’t go about it the right way.


It’s all about getting the right size for the right job.

Using Dumpster Rentals for a House Remodeling Clean Up

When you get done with any construction job, you’re left with quite a mess on your hands. And unfortunately, you will not be able to fit those materials in your regular trash can. This includes things like lumber, metal, glass, and gypsum; all considered being construction waste.


So how do you clear construction waste?

Clear a space for the dumpster

Wherever you put the trash, you’re going to want to have some room to maneuver between the dumpster and your house. If you have things in the way of the dumpster, it can be a potential hazard. Keep the area clean, so you don’t trip and injure yourself.


Also, if there is something in the way of your dumpster rental, it likely won’t get picked up until you clear the space.

Get the Right Dumpster Sizes

Ten cubic yard dumpsters

When it comes to housing remodeling clean up, the ten cubic yard dumpster is for smaller and more specific jobs. Measuring at about 12x8 feet wide and 3.5 feet high. This size of a dumpster rental is good for the smaller stuff and smaller cleanups. If you did a little remodeling job or a clean out of one or two rooms, the ten cubic yard dumpster is right for the job.


20 cubic yard dumpsters

The 20 cubic yard dumpsters come in at 22x8 feet long and 4 feet high. These dumpsters are good for remodeling jobs. If you are completely redoing a room in your house, such as a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, this dumpster is ideally used to clean up the debris.

30 cubic yard dumpsters

At 22x8 feet wide and 6 feet high, the home construction 30 cubic yard dumpster rental is meant for larger projects. If you have a lot of furniture, carpet, or appliances involved in your remodeling or clean up, the 30 cubic yard dumpster rental is perfect for the job.

40 cubic yard dumpsters

The biggest of all the dumpster rental sizes, the 40 cubic yard dumpster is about 22x8 feet wide and 7 feet high. When you rent a 40 cubic yard dumpster for a house remodeling clean up job, you’ll be cleaning up an entire demolition site, or performing a full house clean out.

Get the Right Dumpster Rental Size

Montella, Inc. has all the different dumpster sizes you’ll need for house remodeling clean up or just about any project. Take a look at our dumpster rental Warren county NJ service page for more info!