Every week, we are all tasked with tying up a bag of garbage and taking it outside to its designated area: the dumpster. We can’t really complain about that because there’s nothing wrong with it. But what if there’s an easier way? What if you can get the trash pulled directly out of your house? This is the future of waste management.

The Future of Waste Management

The future is now…or, at least, soon. In the far west side of Manhattan, a project is under construction that people are definitely calling the future of waste management. This project consists of six different skyscraper high-rises, including 5,000 apartments, a school, and over 100 different stores.


So, what makes these buildings so futuristic? Pneumatic tubes, designed to suck the garbage out of your apartment and into their designated sorting areas. Technology, once again, is the journey towards laziness.

How useful is it?

Maybe laziness isn’t a fair word. After all, it isn’t just a convenience—it’s a solution.


Humanity faces a huge dilemma: we’re running out of room for the trash. Recycling is just one solution to help eliminate the amount of harmful waste, but it isn’t the end-all. Since the average American produces about 130 pounds of waste in a single month (multiply that 130 by 323 million and…yeah, wow), we’re looking at a worldwide crisis.


Especially since it’s estimated that the international generation of solid waste will triple to roughly 11 million tons a day by 2100, we gotta start thinking about saving space.


If you’ve ever seen the movie Wall-E, you’ve already seen a little bit of what a trash-filled planet would look like. You’ve also seen what many people are planning to do about it: building skyscrapers out of garbage.


When trash goes to landfills, they’re often crushed down into cubes. These cubes can actually be used as a basic structure, since they’re so impacted and dense. We actually use garbage in recycling in similar ways already. For example, we can use old housing material in pavement and roads, plastic water bottles into fleece, etc. In fact, building with old garbage is already in practice right now in Guatemala with a small “eco-block” project.


Some other ways that we move into the future of waste management are waste-recognition sorting machines and pay-as-you-throw programs.

Modern Sussex County Dumpster Service

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