At Montella Waste Removal we get asked this question all the time: What do I not put into a dumpster?

This is a tricky question and is different from company to company. Fortunately, here at Montella Waste Disposal we can take a good deal of your garbage, but there are limitations for any company. Our main concern is the environment and your health. We definitely do not want you putting things into the dumpster that will get you sick or those around you, so we’ll start with dangerous items that just handling them will get you sick or hurt.

With a lot of the older buildings and remodeling of the buildings and areas that contain these buildings is asbestos. Asbestos can cause cancer as well as other diseases, so even you coming across it and touching it is a huge hazard. If you want to read more on asbestos, here is a website that goes into great detail about it: . New Jersey is riddled with asbestos and that is in part of the production of it from Johns Manville in the town named after the company called Manville, so much so that when they were manufacturing it, it would be snowing asbestos in the town and surrounding areas.

Another item that we frequently see is pool chemicals in our dumpsters and in the trash. These are extremely bad for us because when they enter the dump or landfill in New Jersey, then can then seep into the soil and get back into our water system. These are highly toxic chemicals that are meant to kill all the bad stuff that can grow in our pools and the same stuff that can make everyone extremely sick if it got into our water supply. If these chemicals get into our waterways, they will also kill off all the natural wildlife. That same wildlife is needed to keep us alive and well too. Without it we’d have a dying ecosystem around us from the pool treatment chemicals like chlorine and anything hta is used to kill algae; and algae is needed in our waterways in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

If you are disposing of concrete, we have dumpster for that, so please ask us about those particular dumpsters that will bring the old concrete to facilities that can recycle concrete. Concrete is very porous and can contain hazardous materials that it absorbs over the duration of its life. Concrete’s life can be over 100 years do to its durability, so it has the ability to absorb years and years of contaminants and pose a great risk to waterways when it is disposed of improperly. Proper disposal of concrete keeps with Montella’s mission of keeping you and our community safe from toxins that can make us all unhealthy.

We also find propane tanks from time in our dumpsters. This can be extremely hazardous if there is pressure put on these tanks. Definitely make sure you don’t put propane tanks in the dumpster. If it doesn’t explode and in a rare case, someone gets hurt, you are then liable for any damages done to people or property. Propane tanks can be recycled - no matter what shape they are in a recycling facility will take them. 

Batteries are now recycled almost everywhere due to the need for their materials in making additional batteries. Car batteries are recycled 90% of the time at any automotive part store. Some other batteries like your button batteries are also in high demand - also bring your used motor oil, antifreeze and gas there as well.. You can drop your household batteries off at Best Buy or Target as well. Batteries contain hazardous materials that can pollute our community if disposed of in a landfill, so we take great care in making sure that our customers know not to put batteries in our dumpsters.

In looking at this article, it is extremely safe to say that if you think an item is a hazardous material or contains a hazardous material, then it would be banned from putting in a dumpster. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. (973) 927-2232 We’ll be happy to help you find out if it is a banned material and we’ll also help you find a way to dispose of that material. Whether we provide a separate container or pickup for the hazardous material or provide you with information of other companies that will recycle the material for you, or provide the proper channels to get that item disposed of in a safe manner. Our company (owners and employees) all have children ourselves and we want to provide a cleaner and more sustainable future for our children and yours as well.

As you can see with this image provided by Morris County, there are quite a few items that they do not want disposed of in your garbage containers. They also provide alternatives to pick up old appliances and electronics which are becoming more and more hot items to recycle with the demand of all the electronic gadgets that we purchase on a daily basis.