Moving can be difficult, and here are some points to take into consideration when throwing things away:

Often times when moving, home owners generate large amounts of waste they need to dispose of. Many times they decide they want to purchase new furniture for their new home. When packing, you find junk that has accumulated throughout the years that you no longer need or want. All of this waste then needs to be disposed of. Renting a Roll-Off dumpster from Montella can help ease the stress of the move by making it easier to get rid of your junk, but a lot of customers share general questions that are associated with renting a dumpster- What size do I need? What can’t I put in it? What do I do with the items I can’t put in the dumpster? Here are answers to some of these common questions:

What size dumpster do I need?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Montella Dumpster Rentals is “What size dumpster should I order to clean out my house after my move?”. Understanding the sizes and dimensions that the dumpsters come in will help you to answer this question. Roll-off dumpsters are measured in cubic yards, based off of how much debris they hold. Common dumpster sizes are 10yd, 20yd, 30yd, and 40yd.


10 Cubic yard dumpsters - 12'L X 8'W X 3.5'H

20 Cubic yard dumpsters - 22'L X 8'W X 4'H

30 Cubic yard dumpsters - 22'L X 8'W X 6'H

40 Cubic yard dumpsters - 22'L X 8'W X 7'H

Typically, a 10yd dumpster is perfect for cleaning out a small basement or a garage. It can hold approximately 3 pick up truck loads. A 20yd dumpster can hold approximately 6 pickup truck loads, and may be better for you if you are disposing of bulkier items. REMEMBER you can not fill a dumpster over the top. A 30yd dumpster may be best if you are cleaning out multiple rooms or decluttering an entire house. It can fit approximately 9 pickup truck loads, and is 2 feet taller than the 20yd dumpster. Our 40yd dumpster is the largest size that we offer. This dumpster may be best is you are cleaning out debris from a hoarding situation or removing massive amounts of trash. 

What items can I put in the dumpster?

Although most items in your home you are able to dispose of in a dumpster, there are some common items that you are not allowed to put in there.


Mattresses, tables, couches, chairs, desks, dressers- pretty much any furniture item you are able to dispose of in a dumpster. The amount of larger size furniture items you are disposing of may affect what size dumpster you need.


Most appliances you CANNOT dispose of in the dumpster. Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washers and Dryers are all items that can not go in the dumpster. A basic rule of thumb, is no “white goods” can go into the dumpster.


Many electronics contain components that could be potentially dangerous to the environment. For this reason, anything considered to be “E-Waste” or “Electronic Waste” CANNOT go into the dumpster. Common items include TV’s, Computers, Monitors, and Laptops.


What happens if I put one of these “unacceptable items” in the dumpster?

Often times the dumpster company will pass along the extra fees it costs them too dispose of these items to the customers. Sometimes they will not pick up the dumpster until these items are removed, other times they will remove the item from the dumpster and leave it behind at the property.

What do I do with the Items I can’t put in the dumpster?

Items that still work:


Good news is, often times items you do not want someone else will be happy to take! As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure! If you have working electronic items, you can sell them on Craigslist or to a second hand store. Apps such as “LetGo” and the “Marketplace” on facebook are other great ways to match buyers to sellers and make some extra cash off of your junk. 


More good news, if you aren’t interested in selling your items, there are usually people out there who could benefit off of the items you were going to throw out. One option is to donate them to Goodwill or another donation center near you.Often time charities, churches, and non-profits will take working items such as computers, TV’s, and other appliances to give to families in need.  Some of them will even come and pick them up for you!

Here is a link to GoodWill Donation Centers near you:


Items that no longer work:

Did you have a broken TV sitting in your basement for years that you now need to get rid of before you move? No problem! Often you can take broken TV’s or other electronics to the local recycling center and they will take care of it for you. Depending on where you live, the town may even offer curbside pickups of electronics. If you have questions about how this works in your town, contact your town’s Public Works department and they should be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to disposing of items we cannot accept.

Here is a link with information on recyling in New Jersey:

Here is a link to find the recycling coordinator for your town and/or county in New Jersey:

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