Believe it or not, many problems can occur when renting a dumpster. In order to avoid some of these issues, some of which are safety hazards, make sure to read our list of “What NOT to do when renting a dumpster.”

The “Don’ts” of Renting a dumpster:

1.DON’T put hazardous materials in the dumpsters.


We always tell customers not to put any hazardous materials in the dumpsters, but sometimes people try to sneak these items in with their other trash. The problem with that is sometimes, what is pictured above may occur. Often times hazardous materials can cause a fire to start in the dumpster. All flammable items you have in the dumpsters will catch fire, and eventually if the fire is not contained, the area surrounding the dumpster can catch fire as well. This is a major safety hazard! Please think twice before you put any hazardous items into the dumpster for your safety and ours! If your hazardous waste slips through the cracks and gets taken to the dump yard, this can be a serious issue as well. We have had circumstances where the county dump yard has actually CAUGHT FIRE because we were unaware there were hazardous materials in the dumpster. This was not fun. The fire was caused by pool chemicals that a customer disposed of that we were unaware of.  If you have questions about how to dispose of hazardous materials please ask Montella when renting your dumpster or contact your town! 

Here is a link with information on disposing of household hazardous waste in Morris County, NJ:

Disposing of hazardous waste in Sussex County, NJ:

Disposing of hazardous waste in Bergen County,NJ:

2. DON’T fill the dumpster over the top

This is another safety hazard and actually illegal for the roll-off driver to drive with a load like this on his truck. One way to avoid this is to make sure you are ordering the right size dumpster for the amount of waste you are throwing away. Imagine being behind that dumpster while you are driving? Hauling away a dumpster filled this high could cause everyone to start their morning off being gridlocked on the highway during their commute to work. If you find you have more waste/trash too dispose of than what will fit in the dumpster, one easy solution to this is to ask Montella for a “dumpster swap.” If you think you can fill up a whole other same sized dumpster, we can simply pick up the dumpster you have, dump it, and bring it back empty. If you think either you need a smaller dumpster for the waste you have left over, or a dumpster that is larger than the one you have, we can pick up the dumpster you have and bring you one that is a different dumpster size. 

In order to fill your dumpster efficiently without filling it over the top, or needing to order an additional dumpster, there are a few things you can do. First, you can break down any large or bulky items so that they take up less space. It may be a good idea to flatten any boxes as well. Second, make sure you are filling up all the empty space. Rather than just throwing whatever you find in the dumpster, you can often strategically place it so all the empty gaps are filled, allowing you to fit more. Finally, we find that if you try to load the bulkier items first putting them at the bottom of the dumpster, it allows you more space to throw other items in as well.

3. Don’t put “unacceptable items in the dumpster!

Did you know you will get charged for putting tires in a dumpster? Putting items in the dumpster that the company you rented from does not accept can be very costly for the customer.Companies charge anywhere from $25.00-$75.00 per tire. When renting a dumpster, make sure you ask which items are not allowed! If it is your first time renting a dumpster, you may have no idea there are certain items that are deemed “unacceptable items” by dumpster companies. Montella reads every customer a list of items that we do not accept and sends each customer an email with our list of unacceptable items after they place their orders. Things like TV’s, Computers, Refrigerators, and many other items will cause you to incur extra charges. In some cases, the dumpster may not be able to be removed until you take out the items. In  other cases they will take the items out and leave them at the property.

Here is a list of items that Montella cannot accept in their dumpsters and can cause additional charges if you do dispose of them in your dumpster rental:


NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS                                                 

NO ASBESTOS                                                                          

NO TIRES                                                                                 

NO REFRIGERATORS, WASHER, DRYER, ETC.(WHITE GOODS)                                                               

NO DIESEL                                                                               



NO TRANSMISSION FLUID                                                     

NO BRAKE & STEERING FLUID                                          

 NO POOL CHEMICALS                                                              

NO PAINT (ONLY DRIED UP LATEX PAINT ACCEPTABLE)                                                                                    



NO FIRE EXTINGUISHERS                                                          

NO METAL DRUMS                                                                    

NO FREEZERS                                                                             

NO AIR CONDITIONERS                                                               

NO MERCURY CONTAINING DEVICES                                          




No TV's or computers




If you have additional questions about renting a dumpster in New Jersey, feel free too call Montella at 973-347-6266!