Often times when doing a home clean out or a small home renovation, people wonder if they should rent a dumpster or use a bagster. Customers may tend to lean towards a bagster, thinking it is cheaper and easier, but aren’t aware of all the extra charges and headaches that come along with a bagster. We are here to help! Based on our experience, the scenario pictured below is what happens to most of our customers. They rent a bagster, they are unable to fit their debris in it, and end up having too rent a dumpster from us too haul their garbage away. Now they have paid for a dumpster…..and a bagster they couldn’t use.

The first photo shows the bagster the customer purchased, with their garbage overflowing it.

The second photo shows a Montella dumpster that the debris had to be transferred into...with the empty bagster in front of the dumpster.

First, let’s compare the costs. 

How much does a bagster cost?

You can order a bagster online from Home Depot for $29.95, but do you know what this price includes? It is important to know this price does not include the cost associated with picking up the bagster. You will have to pay additionally to have the bagster picked up and oftentimes people think this is included in the price. Even the advertising can be confusing and lead you to believe this. In New Jersey, it costs anywhere from $175-$275 to have a company come and pick up the bagster. This price varies depending on what municipality you live in and which company you choose to use to pick up the bagster. 


How much does a 6 Cubic Yard Dumpster Cost?

At Montella, a 6 Cubic Yard Dumpster costs $275.00.This price includes the delivery, pick up and disposal of the dumpster. You can also easily order our dumpsters online, or call the office to place the order.


Size comparison

What can you fit in a bagster? A bagster holds only 3 cubic yards of debris compared to a 6yd dumpster that can hold 6 cubic yards of debris. The measurements of a bagster are typically 8 ft in length, 4 feet in width, and 2.5 feet in height.  The measurements of our 6yd dumpster at Montella is 5 ft in length, 6 ft in length, and 6 ft in height. The size difference allows you too fit 3 extra cubic yards of debris in the 6yd dumpster. Remember, the 6yd dumpster also has more volume too hold bulkier items than the bagster does. If you are disposing of large or bulky items, they may not fit in the bagster. Also remember, a bagster is flimsy and not as easy to load items into a dumpster. Essentially, it is just a large “bag”. 


Weight Limit

Many companies have regulations on the weight you can put in the bagster. Their website states “they will not pick up any bagster that has more than 1 cubic yard of heavy debris. Are you able to determine how much of your waste is considered a “heavy debris”? Can you as a homeowner determine how much waste is considered 1 cubic yard? These restrictions make the process of disposing of waste very stressful. Montella allows you to fill our 6 yd dumpster with as much debris as you can fit in it, without a weight restriction! 


When Montella delivers the dumpster to you, we place it in your driveway. We ask for any special instructions upon ordering to find out exactly where you would like the dumpster placed in order to make it as easy as possible to get the debris you are disposing of into the dumpster. For example, if you are cleaning out a shed in the back of your house, we will place it as close to the shed as possible. When you are ready to have the dumpster picked up, we take it away from the exact same place that we dropped it. If you purchase a bagster, you can place it wherever you would like. Here is where the problem comes in….

When the company comes to pick up the bagster, the bagster MUST BE at the end of your driveway or curbside in order for their truck too have access to it and be able to pick it up with its crane. You can not have any electrical wires or trees that hang above where the bagster is, or they will be unable to pick it up. REMEMBER, if the bagster is heavy YOU are the one who has to figure out a way to either carry or if possible drag the bagster to the curb. This is far too often an impossible task for homeowners. 

In conclusion:

We have had multiple customers pay for a bagster, only to come too realize it will not fit all of there debris or that they could not move the bag with the debris to the curb too have it picked up and end up needing to rent a dumpster in the long run. At Montella, we are here to save you the headache of getting a bagster, and rent you a 6yd dumpster. It is more convenient, easier, less stressful, and costs less. 


Call Montella at 973-347-6266 to rent a 6yd dumpster today!

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