Winter is a tricky time of year. It’s time where our most basic chores become a bit more difficult. That is all thanks to the snow. Picking up the trash is no different. As it turns out, garbage waste and cold weather don’t go together well—that is, unless you learn all about cleaning up trash in the snow from the professional waste management team at Montella, Inc.!

Tips for Cleaning up Trash in the Snow

Keep the snow shoveled and salted

If it’s going to snow, sprinkle some salt on your walkway and driveway. This will keep the snow from sticking. Without the snow, if there’s any garbage on the ground, you’ll be able to see it and pick it up.

Also, when you take the trash out at night, you are no longer at risk of slipping and falling. The cold is enough of a discouragement to take out the trash, who needs snow and ice to keep you indoors?

Be weary of your trash cans

Shoveling the snow falls under the category of annoying chores we have to do during the winter. But to make cleaning up trash in the snow easier, it’s a necessity. Especially if we want to keep snow off of our garbage cans and barrels. Have you tried shoveling the snow off of your garbage can lids every morning? It takes two seconds and it prevents it from freezing shut.

If you leave the cans in the snow, it’ll only build up and get them stuck in there. That makes it harder for you and the trash man.

It’s always a good idea to place your trash cans next to the snow banks, if at all on the side of the road. The best plan of attack is to keep it as far away from the piled up snow as possible. That will make it more accessible.

Clean up litter beforehand

You should already be doing this, but always make sure that your yard is spotless. No garbage anywhere. That way, when the snow falls, you don’t have to worry about digging through and getting rid of the litter.

However, with things like pet and animal waste, it’s a good idea to just bite the bullet and do it. The waste won’t go away on its own and leaving it out there is an easy way to spread diseases. The same essentially goes for waste in general. You wouldn’t want to keep it out there, regardless of how much snow is there.

Let Montella, Inc. Do the Rest!

Once you’ve picked up all the waste in the area, leave it to the best New Jersey waste management company Montella, Inc. to do the rest! Sussex County will continue to snow, so consider our dumpster rental Sussex county NJ service.