There’s one thing we certainly don’t enjoy about our waste: the smell. When our waste collects and sits, it tends to start to take on a certain life of its own. By now, most people have just accepted this as a part of life. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are ways of dealing with smelly garbage that doesn’t involve plugging your nose.

Dealing with Smelly Garbage

Use higher quality trash bags

If your trash is stinking up your kitchen, it might be how poorly the trash bag is performing. What we mean by that is the trash bags we may be using aren’t designed to contain the rotten smells. Some, however, are perfectly equipped for that job.

Don’t throw away fluids

You should never throw away liquids, especially if it’s from food. Bacon grease, gravy, dairy, etc.—these things should be properly disposed of. Moisture is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria accounts for a majority of the smell. Instead of throwing those things away, you should drain them in the sink and wash them down.

Put the smelly stuff in its bag

Ziplock bags and bags with ties are your friends. If you have some sour leftovers or some food you can’t finish, find a bag you can properly conceal it in and toss it. By throwing it away on its own, you’re asking for trouble.

Use odor-absorbers

You’re probably thinking that making your trash smell better involves spraying chemicals all over it. But there are natural ways to make your trash smell better. For example, used coffee grounds are a good way to neutralize the smell. Baking soda is also a good solution. Just sprinkle it into your trash, and it diffuses the awful food smells. Sometimes dealing with smelly garbage is as simple as that.


Let Montella, Inc. Take Care of Your Garbage

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