Out of all the substances that come out of waste, plastic is the one that has the most amount of damage to the environment. It’s important for, not just a dumpster rental service in New Jersey, but as humans to reduce the amount of plastic waste we put out. Reducing plastic waste is vital for proper waste managing.

Tips for Reducing Plastic Waste

1. Buy as little plastic as you can

When given a choice, always opt out of buying plastic. This is the number one way to reducing plastic waste. When you're at the store, ask for paper bags instead of plastic bags. Sometimes when there are plastic products at the store, there are alternatives for those.

2. Reuse bottles

There are plenty of places you can purchase reusable water bottles. This is the better option since water bottles are one of the top plastic pollutants. It’s because they are so popular. People are always going out and buying water bottles. But buy purchasing a reusable water bottle and an at home purifier, you won’t just be saving the environment—you’ll be saving money.  

3. Buy in bulk

Do you have a Costco card or are you a member of some other similar store? That may not be a bad idea since once again; you’ll be saving money in an eco-friendly waste removal way. By purchasing in bulk, you are reducing plastic waste that comes in the form of packaging material.

4. Use glass as much as you can

Disposable plastic food storage containers can be quite bad in large quantities. So switch to glass storage containers. This is also a win-win since using plastic containers can lead to food toxicity. Plastic, over time, deteriorates into tiny toxic particles (the biggest reason plastic is bad for the environment) which can get into your food and weak havoc on your body. The same goes for reusing disposable water bottles instead of reusable ones.

5. Shop at eco-friendly markets

When you go to the store, you’ll never be sure about the plastic content in the products you’re purchasing. That’s why when you go to a farmers market, you’ll be surer that what you are getting is plastic free. Just for an added amount of assurance, bring your bags. In fact, most stores, farmers market or not, allow for that.

Reducing Plastic Waste with Montella, Inc.

Montella, Inc. is all about keeping New Jersey clean through proper waste management and plastic waste reduction. Call us for our dumpster rental Warren county NJ service.