You should be really careful with hazardous waste clean up. The distinguishing aspect between hazardous waste and regular waste is the risk. Obviously, hazardous waste is the one you want to watch out for. It may not be the best idea that you handle your hazardous waste, but rather hire some professional New Jersey waste management company. But if that’s not an option, here’s some advice.

Hazardous Waste Clean Up


While hazardous waste clean up is best dealt with by professionals, if you must dispose of a small amount of toxic waste, incineration is an option. The EPA does state that burning away toxic garbage gets rid of basically all hazardous aspects of it.

Limit your waste

If you have extra material that could be considered hazardous, consider giving it away before throwing it away. If you have products, like cleaners or fertilizers, consider donating it to Habitat For Humanity or give it to neighbor or friend.

Be careful with paint

Paint is a commonly used substance that can actually be quite harmful to the environment and, more importantly, you—that is, if you aren’t informed on proper hazardous waste clean up. Paint is made up of a lot of harsh chemicals that can actually cause a lot of damage. Here are some things to consider while cleaning up paint:


  • Find out what kind of paint it is (oil or latex)

  • If it’s latex, dry it until it’s solid

  • Use community disposal services


Please keep in mind that a proper waste management company will know what to do with any harsh chemicals.

Rent a Dumpster or Manage Waste with Montella, Inc

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