Don’t start decluttering a home just for spring cleaning. Do it any time of the year! The great thing about a dumpster rental for homeowners is that you can do it whenever. That’s all the more reason to start decluttering your home as soon as possible. From kitchen cleanup to a full house clean out, decluttering just got more comfortable with dumpster services.

Tips for Decluttering with a Dumpster Rental

Start early and take it slow

Good dumpster rental for homeowners gives you plenty of time to work with. So when you rent a dumpster, use that to take your time and don’t rush too much. Rushing can lead to unnecessary stress.

By starting early, you are giving yourself more time to work and less time to stress. And instead of tossing everything you come across, try giving it away. That’s right, give away one of your items each day. Not only will this help you declutter, but you’ll feel much better about it.


The 12-12-12 challenge is an excellent way to declutter your home with a good conscience. All you have to do is find 12 items to donate, 12 items to throw away, and 12 items to be returned to their proper home.


Use this opportunity to place the 12 items to throw away with the rest of your garbage you plan on tossing. When the time comes, put it in your dumpster rental.

Four boxes

Similar to the 12-12-12 method, the four box method allows you to decide which items go where. For instance, you’ll have one box for trash, one box for giving away, one box for keeping, and one for relocating.

When you do this, consider every item and think very hard. It’s always good to ask yourself: if I were to stumble upon this NOW, how much would I pay for it? This will prioritize the items in the proper order.

Then, when you have all the garbage in your boxes and bags, you can toss them in your dumpster rental!

Dumpster Rental for Homeowners

Remember that decluttering can be fun! It can also be easy if you consider a dumpster rental for homeowners. This will allow you just to walk outside and toss what you don’t need and then get it hauled away when you’re done. For more info on dumpster rentals, check out our dumpster rental Sussex county NJ service.