You may have heard that plastic is bad for the environment. But you may not know just how bad it is. While the damage of plastic is well known, what can we do to protect the environment from further destruction? It all boils down to proper disposal. Let’s talk about the plastic effects on the environment as well as some ways to we can utilize proper waste disposal.

The Damage of Plastic

The health effects

The biggest concern we face with plastic litter is just how it affects our health. Obviously, ingesting plastic is damaging, but what if we don’t know about the plastic we’re taking in? As it turns out, we don’t even have to take it in. This plastic is broken down into tiny particles and they are everywhere! All over our skin and in our water. Plastic has been linked to many forms of cancer, birth defects, immunity issues, and endocrine disruption.

The effects on wildlife

We’ve all seen pictures of plastic soda tabs wrapped around a fish, washed up on the beach. It’s very easy for another animal to get tangled up in plastic, or even eat it. They can mistake it for food and distribute it amongst their pack. This has similar effects on animals as it does humans.

The other pollutants it introduces and attracts

A lot goes into making plastic. Different chemicals from organic compounds to crude oil, both of which can be harmful on their own. Plastic also has a tendency to attract other pollutants. For example, chemicals like flame retardants, phthalates, bisphenols, amongst others. Once plastic builds up, it can create a mass of pollution.

The Solution with New Jersey Waste Disposal

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