There’s nothing more hazardous than loose debris after a construction project. Having it lay around for more than a day cause numerous problems, such as damage to the environment, damage to your property or equipment, or personal injury. When you clean up the mess, it’s important to do it right. Here’s what you have to do when faced with construction debris.

What is Construction Debris?

Any time there’s a construction job, there’s inevitably some stuff left over. This could be rebar, concrete, wood, etc. These materials should be handled with special care and handling, as they can be rather dangerous.

In the event of excessive construction debris, it’s best to call on a service that will not only provide the dumpster rentals but will aid you in cleaning up the mess. Whatever it’s the previous purpose was, we’ll help you find a way to get rid of it.

Disposing of Construction Debris

Dumpster Sizes

Make sure you get the right dumpster size for the job. You don’t want to end up with a dumpster that’s too small to hold all the construction debris. For this kind of job, you’d probably want to get a 40 cubic-yard dumpster rental. This will ensure that you can fit all the construction debris after the work is done.

Organize as much as you can

This may sound a little counter productive when you're just throwing things away, but staying organized may help you out. Sometimes when going through waste and debris, you may find something worth reusing or recycling yourself. In the event of that, have separate piles for different things. You may also try using trash bags to separate things.

Hire a professional team

Maybe renting a dumpster isn’t enough. Maybe you want to hire someone to take out the trash for you. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, but we also encourage it. As we’ve said before, clearing construction debris on your own is dangerous. It’s good to have the backup of professionals who do this for a living.

A professional team will take care of everything. They help you sort and haul everything off, as well as providing the dumpster. Don’t worry about waste management, either. A good team has their way of disposing of waste properly.

That Team is Montella, Inc.

Montella, Inc. provides the dumpsters and the cleanup service. If you have construction debris to clean up, we have the answers you’re looking for. Just call us for our dumpster rental Sussex county NJ service.